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Air classifiers are used to separate particles in dry powder. Like screens, you have a plus fraction (Coarse) and a minus fraction (fines). Unlike screens which typically start to blind around 44um (325 mesh), air classifiers can be used to separate particles in the sub-micron range.

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(4) Pass-through air is generated by the rotor in the back of screen (fine side) and the compressed air is used for cleaning screen. (5) Can sieve electrostatic, hygroscopic, oil-contained powder because of air moving aggressively in the machine

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These intelligently engineered gravitational inertial air classifiers use air flow, gravity, and directional changes to achieve material cut points ranging from 63 to 300 microns (230-50 mesh). Dry separation of fine …


Secondary air Main air Guide vanes AERO FINE CLASSIFIER Structural cross section Specifications AC-20 Laboratory Unit Type AC-10 3 FORCED VORTEX TYPE AIR CLASSIFIER - TC Series Auxiliary blade Classification blade Classification rotor Balance rotor Powder inlet Dispersion blade Dispersion disc Coarse powder outlet Coarse powder Fine powder Scroll casing Air flow Raw material The …

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Air Classifiers Opposing a particle's aerodynamic drag force with centrifugal force, air classifies create narrower size distribution and finer separations than conventional screeners. All production models utilize an adjustable forced vortex to provide uniform results while adapting to a range of feed variations. ATP Turboplex ultrafine air classifier

Powder & Particle Processing. Proven since over 110 years: our mills, classifiers, compactors and turnkey systems for the production of fine powders and granules, for mineral base materials, in the chemicals / pharmaceuticals industries, for foodstuffs and for recycling tasks.

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Mechanical centrifugal air classifiers are used extensively to process aggregates, ceramics, chemicals, foods, minerals, metals, plastics, flyash and other materials. They are normally employed when the particle size that you need to separate is too fine to screen. The air-classified product can be

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Using the spiral air classifier as a model, the infernal processes in a classifier rotor with vanes are discussed and test results compared. The test data was obtained from rotors with an external diameter of 260 mm and 360 mm. Fine materials were produced with d97 of approximately 2.5 µm. Classifiers and air classifiers

Powder & Particle Processing. Proven since over 110 years: our mills, classifiers, compactors and turnkey systems for the production of fine powders and granules, for mineral base materials, in the chemicals / pharmaceuticals industries, for foodstuffs and for recycling tasks.

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Air Classifiers are normally used when the particle size that needs to separate is too fine for a screen. The air classified product can be the Coarse without Fines/Dust or the Fines without Coarse/Grit

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An air classifier is a machine used in industries to separate coarse particles from fine particulate matter and heavier particles from lighter ones. In high-efficiency classifiers, the materials are neatly divided, therefore reducing over-grinding.

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Our air classifier type AWR makes it possible to grade your bulk solids at high efficiencies. At outputs of up to 30 t/h the air classifier provides flexibility for a wide range of feed material such as cement, fly ash, raw mix, gypsum, quartz, coal, cellulose, pigments and colorants, silica, sodium bicarbonate, varnish, zirconium oxide, potato ...

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The inverted cone type is used for coarse grinding, while the double cone type for fine grinding. Dynamic classifiers allow instant adjustment to provide wide flexibility of operation. They produce cleaner top size cuts for finer grinding applications.

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An Air Classifier is commonly used on an industrial scale when particles are too fine to be screened or the capacity is too large. An example of this is a recycling center where various types of plastics, paper and metal have to be divided in order to be processed. They are also used to sort materials such as chemicals, foods, minerals, cement, fly ash, gypsum, quartz, silica, sodium ...

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PPS Air Classifier Mills PPS Air Classifier Mills for Ultra-Fine and Controlled Particle Size Grinding. PPS Air Classifier Mills are high energy grinding mills with an integral classifier to produce ultra-fine …

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The CTC fine separator series was developed based on the latest classifier technology findings (fourth generation). CTC fine separators are excellent for classifying metal oxides, mineral fillers (CaCO 3, talcum, mica, dolomite), cement, slag, and raw meal.

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RSG Inc, located in Sylacauga, Alabama U.S.A. specializes in fine powder technology. The company manufactures air classifiers, ball mills and stirred media mills for the production of fine, superfine and ultrafine powders for the mineral, mining, cement, lime, metal powder and chemical industries.

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These Air Separators, or Air Classifiers, are proven to be outstanding equipment of their type - in efficiency, capacity, design, and construction. Here are some of the features of Williams superior Mechanical Air Separators: