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A Double Compressed Bale (D/C) is a process by which a bale direct from the field is further processed in one of our state of the art compressing machines. Processing hay in this way creates a smaller bale size for the most efficient transportation and ease of handling. This is the preferred package of dairy and beef producers in many regions of the world. There is a half cutting option ...

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With the ability to produce a double-compressed 30 kg half-cut or 59 kg whole bale (65 lb to 130 lb), the FC8322 is a noteworthy system for export hay processors. The FC8322 creates an export quality compressed bale meeting market needs and expectations.

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Green Prairie's forage products are compressed into bales that allow for easy and efficient handling. State of the art compressing facilities allow Green Prairie to efficiently process forage crops to give consumers maximum return on investments.

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Timothy Hay. Timothy hay is a long fibre grass and commonly used for cattle feed and as hay for horses. Timothy can be mixed with other ingredients, such as Alfalfa.

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2011-12-01· I also buy double compressed from my feed store, though they dont wrap it. Typically you should be feeding via the weight of hay. So the compressed bales would need to be fed less. For example, ive had bales that were hardly compressed so i'd need for feed 4-5 flakes of it, whereas I could feed 2 flakes of the double compressed.

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Highest Quality Hay Options Manitoba hay customers enjoy the luxury of selecting from an assortment of hay options. Compacted bales (or double compressed bales) compress hay to twice its normal density. This allows efficient storage and shipping, without the use of pallets. Double compressed hay also has a softer texture and consistent stem length. With more than 300,000 tonnes of baled ...

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why use double compressed premium timothy? Hay quality is often dubious or inconsistent; at times good hay is simply unavailable. Ontario Dehy's Compressed Timothy Bales are processed under the most rigorous ISO 9000 quality assurance policies and procedures using only the best Timothy hay grown in the Canadian Prairies, most on plant owned land.

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What size of hay do you need? Select A Hay Size 3 String Square Bags Baleage Bulk Double Compressed Large Round Large Square Other Small Square Do you need fertilized hay?

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a compressed bale of hay is a 3x3x8 or 3x4x8 or 4x4x8 bale of hay that is cut numerous times and put under hydraulic pressure such that the rectangle becomes something more …

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Double Compressed bales have traditionally been considered as a processing necessity for exporting U.S. Hay and straw to overseas markets. However, 55lb and 110lb small double compressed bales offer an outstanding option to U.S. horsemen, as well as retail feed store operations. Double compressed hay is a great alternative for someone who has the desire to feed pellets for the value of …

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This is the smallest double-compressed bale we make. At around 30-kg, these bales are suitable for smaller dairies where mechanical assistance is limited. At around 30-kg, these bales are suitable for smaller dairies where mechanical assistance is limited.

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Output products include double-compressed 25 kg (55 lb) half-cut bales to large 450kg (992 lb) bales for feed and dairy markets. With output rates up to 30 Metric Tons per hour, Hunterwood hay presses are the most consistent and efficient forage compactors available on the market.

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A bale of Orchard Grass or Timothy Hay here (Northern California) is around $25. I know, INSANE. Although I've noticed the Standlee Compressed Hay Bales at our local ranch retailer, I never really considered them because at only 50lbs and $15.99, they seemed expensive….

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Worldwide, the term "compressed hay" refers to various forage products compressed into tightly bound, high density, low moisture bales. Compressed products marketed around the world include grass-seed straw aftermath, alfalfa hay, sudan grass/bermuda grass from the U.S. and oats green-feed from Australia. Canada produces "compressed hay" primarily from timothy and alfalfa hay, but other …

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Double Compressed Bale. Loading Options: Double Compressed bales can be loaded using any of our available methods. Dimension: 21W x 17L X 24H. Bale Weight: 50-60 kg. Double Compressed Options . Double Compressed ½ Cut Bale. Mini Bale. Quick Links. Packaging Options; Loading Packaging Options; Ocean Freight; Loading Configurations; Company Story. Connect With Us. A …

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The hay falls multiple times to improve the fiber alignment for a better flaking double compressed bale. How it works The Formed Bale Press can accommodate a load of six bales on the in feed table, where they are moved to the Bottom Bale Trimmer.

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2017-07-24· Straw Bale Press Machine, Green Prairie Compressed Bales Seychelles Alfalfa and Timothy hay Compressed bales This facility is set up to allow for the mixing of product to create custom blends of ...

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torically been important, double-compressed hay has dominated exports in recent years. Hay is hydraulically compressed to about 25 pounds per cubic foot by specialty equipment—this provides superior packing geometry and ease of handling compared with cubes. About 80 per-cent of California's exports are compressed bales (excluding nonalfalfa hays) and 20 per-cent cubes—similar to exports ...

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Along with compressing hay and straw at this facility, we also have storage equipment for the containerization of grains and pulse crops for export. The second factory is located in Arrowwood, Alberta. Surrounded by 4000 acres of irrigated farm land, this export factory has 1 bale compressor in operation and a storage capacity of 2.5 acres under roof.

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The final package is a double compressed long stemmed hay bale between 25 and 35 kg in weight, depending on density. The bales are then packed into sealed shipping containers that ensure the moisture content and product quality are maintained during transportation. It is this commitment to high quality standards that ensures hay is still in excellent condition once it arrives at its ...

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2010-08-27· This hay is in standard bales that weigh between 70 and 80 lbs or can be gotten in a double compressed bale size. Same weight but about one third smaller. Same weight but about one third smaller. Their hay is truly sold around the world, from the King Ranch in Texas to Arab nations.

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We can supply both double compressed and single compressed bales in 20-25kg two string bales and 45-50kg 2 string and 3 string bales. All alfalfa hay is sold with phytosanitary/health inspection certification and has all the necessary documents to import to any country. Please note that the specifications are just a guide.