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"The best collection of heavy crane accidents around the world, heavy crane lifting fail, heavy equipment accidents videos, awesome crane accident, awesome ." "Cars in pools, buses into buildings, trucks hanging off ledges; see some shots of vehicles in compromising positions."

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Funny Safety Pictures Funny Safety Pictures. Unless you saw these funny safety pictures, you would not believe what people do at work. Even with the pictures, you may think some were faked, but Will and Guy cannot see the joins!


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This section contains photos of aircraft taken before the crash; photos taken after the actual accident and miscellaneous photos (ARFF, emergency exits, safety placards).

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Funny Safety Fails – 40 Pics October 15, 2012 Jon One comment tagged with fail, fails, funny fail, Funny Pictures, Funny Safety Fails - 40 Pics, picture dumps, safety fail, safety first

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This blog is to collect mining incident photos and mining accident photos. It aims to be the definitive resource for photos of this type. These photos typically only pass around in email circles in the mining industry, and are not well known outside of it.

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2007-11-15· A heavy equipment and construction resource for people who think BIG. Contractors, Construction, and Earth Moving People, share your love for heavy equipment. Cool Heavy Equipment Videos, Pictures, News, Stories, and More.

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A compilation of Heavy lifting cranes accidents in a row ... This letter from Mike Ponsonby BA to "The Editor, of The Times of London" describes what still is wrong in operating cranes by untrained, uneducated operators.

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Stay Safe. Checking out different health and safety accident pictures can illustrate just what types of accidents you may be in for if you engage in unsafe behavior, whether at home, at the office, while driving, or during any type of recreation.

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On the website Crane Accidents, there are over 1,400 crane accident photos; the breadth and depth of types of accidents is surprising: tip overs, sinkhole takes, power line touches, fires, collisions with vehicles, equipment failures, crushing incidents, fatalities, collapses and more.

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American Society of Safety Engineers now have a Safety Photo Gallery – A collection of safety photos of the month from the journal's Back Page. SAFETY PHOTO OF THE DAY Jack Benton's site "EHS Safety News America" contains a good collection of accident and safety photos. What makes Jack's

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2014-12-07· Check out this compilation of accidents and disasters caused by poor safety practices or just simple bad luck. Advertisement This one starts off with a highway accident during a blizzard and continues with a loader driver who was having a bad day.

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Stock Image by skvoor 40 / 961 The broken windshield in the car accident Stock Photo by obencem 5 / 229 Construction accident Stock Photo by halfpoint 13 / 452 Traffic Accident Stock Photos by DennisBeck 3 / 250 upset man after car crash Stock Photo by kadmy 126 / 1,178 Industrial accident Pictures by Bialasiewicz 3 / 209